The Founding Story

At the beginning of May, 2020, a client approached us with an urgent request:

“Can you develop a better video classroom? My kids are suffering. The young one lasts two minutes before she is bored out of her mind and leaves. The teenager is good for 15 minutes before he falls asleep. Can you fix this?”

This story was not new. Our own families had reported similar stories from students aged 5 to 22. Joy’s daughter, an elite student at a prestigious university, was quickly sliding into Zoom Gloom, fighting to stay attentive and motivated. That’s tragic!

It hurts a lot to see potential wasted, to see sharp minds dulled by boredom. The loss of intellectual capital is incomprehensible.

We dropped our other projects and focused on a solution for remote learning.

In two weeks we were able to prototype a new virtual classroom combining the live touch of video conferencing with an activity panel in one simple interface. V-SCHOOL easily integrates with any web based content including Quizlet, Google Slides, YouTube, and nearly 1000 other educational content providers.

Teachers send quizzes, games, videos, and creative challenges on command. Kids stay attentive and engaged. Relationships are built. Energy and excitement flow. Teachers are in control.

We are building furiously to be ready for millions of students in September.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions, or inquiries. We are here to serve.

Joy B. Lin
Randall S. Tinfow

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