Every student’s image is captured and available to see in the interface. Makes everyone feel involved.
Real-time video of teachers connecting and responding to students from the safety of social distance.
Students raise their hand when they have a question or need attention.
Teachers send private chat with individuals or group notes with the whole class.
Two or more teachers can share a classroom.
Teachers send activities to keep students attentive and engaged. Includes any web content including, quizzes, videos, photos, games, and timed challenges. V-SCHOOL offers special integrations with educational partners for teacher convenience.
The excitement of mini-competitions drives deep student engagement.
Easy to create assistive materials to make digital classrooms exciting.
With the touch of a button, teachers send students recognition for participation and achievement.
Students express themselves with emoticons. Creative expression is a vital part of emotional intelligence.
Classes can easily accommodate 50 students. The best balance between class spirit and personal attention is with classes of 20-25.
Real-time reports show when students start and leave classes.
Students login to personalized dashboards to see their class schedules, results, assignments, and rewards.
Intuitive teacher dashboards allow easy class management, content creation, and content acquisition.
Students are automatically sent invites 2 hours and 10 minutes before classes start. No excuse for missing class.
If a student leaves for more than 30 seconds, their absence is flagged with a symbol on their avatar.
Each live class may be recorded and played back for review or makeup viewing for those who missed the live class. The activity panel is fully functional for asynchronous viewers.
Teachers can share their activity modules with other teachers via email or social media. We are developing a marketplace to facilitate the discovery and sharing of interactive educational content.
Teachers can quickly and easily create gamified content using templates.
Share a whiteboard with the class and pass creative control to individual students.
A link to download and upload homework is available in every classroom. Teachers can easily post and review homework from their dashboard.
Student activities and participation are reported in real-time. Teachers see quiz results for the whole group and drill down to see individual progress.
Students love the group view to start and close classes.
Desktop and Mobile device smoothly run V-SCHOOL at 650 kilobits per second, approximately one tenth the bandwidth available on 4G phones. This makes V-SCHOOL practical and available to the widest group of learners.
Easily share any YouTube video with your students. You control when it appears and is removed from their desktop.
V-SCHOOL was designed and tested for students ranging from age 5 through octogenarian. It’s simple and intuitive for use by every age group. The appearance is easily changed for age and topic appropriateness.
Strict adherence to ADA Section 508 compliance for premium subscribers. Conforming to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level A.
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