Addressing the Spectrum of Human Conflict in K-12 Schools

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V-School Programs

Training programs are available in the following areas:iStock_000016412574Small

  • How to manage bullying
  • Bystander mobilization against emotional/physical violence
  • How to respond to verbal abuse
  • Communicating effectively in the midst of stress
  • Effective and low-stress classroom management
  • Identifying bullies and bullying behavior
  • Interacting with children in the autism spectrum
  • Enhancing team cooperation and collaboration
  • Developing a social contract of student behavior
  • Classroom safety and security strategies
  • How to respond to crisis
  • Systems for violent intruder response
  • Dealing with weapons in the classroom
  • School safety risk analysis and assessment

V-School engagements start with a school safety assessment survey and then a customized program is developed. Depending on the needs of the school, program elements can include:

  • Teacher and staff workshops
  • Assembly presentations for students
  • Evening presentations for parents
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Real-life scenario simulations
  • Online and digital training programs

For some topic areas, basic and instructor certifications are available.

Program expense can be offset by:

  • Sharing on-site time with other schools in an area
  • Obtaining sponsorships from local businesses
  • Donations or grant funding (via our 501(c)(3) partners)
  • Raising money via the V-School fundraising program

Another opportunity is to share on-site time with a V-School-certified martial arts school. These schools have had extensive training in V-School’s anti-bullying, family safety and self-defense programs and, as a result, are able to provide ongoing programming to client schools.




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