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Discover how to maintain a safe
and effective school environment

Teachers must posses the skills to successfully manage conflict throughout a school, maintain physical and emotional safety and have a proven and consistent method by which this can be accomplished.

V-School, the leader in addressing the spectrum of conflict in K-12 schools, seeks to help teachers in this regard with an innovative new program called Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom.

It is an online training program – resulting from collaboration of a nationwide team of consultants with backgrounds in education and public safety, each of them with front-line experience as first responders in critical situations.

With this 11 module program, teachers will be able to:

  1. Become more effective communicators while under stress
  2. Build the physical and non-verbal qualities that are characteristics of confidence
  3. Create strategies for understanding and addressing the requirements of special needs students
  4. Recognize and stop the behaviors that lead up to bullying before it progresses any further
  5. Get bystanders to intervene situations that are clearly inappropriate
  6. Rely on coaches, mentors and school staff to have a unified approach in managing conflict
  7. Identify the areas in and around the school that are potential danger zones
  8. Defend themselves against physical harm and safely intervene in a confrontation
  9. Prevent violence in the classroom
  10. Manage crisis situations through the use of effective training drills
  11. Understand the role of the School Resource Officer to maximize their effectiveness

Each module includes an audio interview with one of our subject matter experts, a transcription of the audio that you can follow along with or use as a reference guide and a workbook that encourages both guided discovery and group participation.

To get free access to this program, please fill out the form below and press submit.

Once we get your registration we will email you instructions within 24 hours on how to login to access the course.

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