Frequently Asked Question

V-SCHOOL runs in standard web browswers on desktops, Chromeboosk, tablets, and cell phones. No installations necessary.

How much do you charge per month?

V-SCHOOL subscription fees average $12 per registered student, with no charge for teachers. Teachers can enroll up to 35 students for a free, one-week trial.

What makes V-SCHOOL unique?

Teachers combine live teaching with activities in one unified classroom window. Students are transformed for bored and disinterested to active participants who stay longer and learn more.

Is attendance taken?

Every entrance and exit is recorded, providing not only attendance data but presence time for every student.

Are classes recorded?

Every class is recorded and available to registered students for makeup work or convenient review. Learning challenges and activities appear, just as they do in the live class. All activities are fully functional with quiz results captured.

Are webcams required?

Webcams are not required. They are recommended for relationship building activities and rich collaborative experiences. Social and emotional development is an essential part of the school experience.

Can students participate using mobile phones?

The full V-SCHOOL experience is enabled for mobile phones using a layout optimized for phone users.

Is there extra work for teachers?

V-SCHOOL provides templates for easy creation of 12 different types of interactivity and gamification. It's easy to search libraries of photos, videos, games, and activities to make learning fun and exciting.

Can students ask questions?

Questions may be submitted at any time in chat.  Students can also raise a hand to be recognized using voice or video, similar to a physical classroom.