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Emails About V-School Certification


Email #1

Subject: New Program – V-School

Al Oelschlaeger here — I’m partners with Master Chan Lee and Pat
Morgan in the Martial Arts Marketing Network.

I want to introduce you to a brand new program that we’ve put together
just for clients of the Martial Arts Marketing Network.

This new program — V-School Certification — is focused on providing
you with even more help in getting into schools.

For me to explain the power of V-School, I need to first provide you
with a bit of background about our sister company, Vistelar Group.

Vistelar Group is a global speaking and training organization focused
on addressing the spectrum of human conflict – from interpersonal
discord, verbal abuse and bullying – to crisis communications, assault
and physical violence. You can learn more at

One of the members of the Vistelar Group is Verbal Defense & Influence,
the source of the content for our Verbal Martial Arts (The Bully Expert)
program (;

Another member of the Vistelar Group is V-School, which is focused on
addressing the spectrum of human conflict in K-12 schools. You can
learn more at or by reviewing the attached brochure.

The exciting thing for you is that the Martial Arts Marketing Network
has formed a partnership with V-School that will enable you to
become V-School Certified.

This certification will provide you with all kinds of benefits — both tangible
(e.g., incremental cash) and intangible (e.g., your school’s positioning in
your local area) — for very little investment in time and money.

In my next email I’ll provide more detail about this program.

Be sure to watch for it within the next day or so.


Email #2

Subject: V-School Certification

Al Oelschlaeger again with the Martial Arts Marketing Network.

A couple of days ago you should have received an email from me
providing some background about our new V-School Certification

In this email, I want to provide a brief explanation of what this
program is all about.

V-School Certification will provide you with three major

  • Credibility for you and your staff when interacting with school
    administrators and teachers about school safety
  • Promotion of your martial arts school via the V-School website
    and by V-School Consultants
  • Opportunity to bring V-School Consultants to K-12 schools in
    your area and earn commissions on their fees

Check out what V-School says on its website and in its brochure
about V-School certified martial arts schools.

“Another opportunity is to partner with a V-School certified martial
arts school. These schools have had extensive training in V-School’s
anti-bullying, family safety and self-defense programs and, as a result,
are able to provide ongoing programming to client schools.”

The partnership between V-School and its certified martial arts schools
solves one of the main problems of having outside experts come to a
K-12 school — they’re one-hit wonders. They might do a great job when
they are there (although that’s rarely the case) but there is no follow-on to
sustain what was taught.

With V-School, the K-12 school will be ensured of getting outstanding
speakers and trainers but it will also have the opportunity to bring in
you to provide ongoing programming.

Anyway, I hope the information above gives you at least some idea as
to what this is all about.

The next step is to learn the details to see if you want to get involved,
which you can do by clicking on the button below.

Learn The Details


Email #3

Subject: V-School Certification Followup

I just wanted to make sure you saw my email yesterday, which
included a link to learn the details about our new V-School program.

If you didn’t get this email, here is the link again.

Learn The Details

We’ve made starting the process of becoming a V-School certified
martial arts school very simple and low cost, so be sure to check this

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