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Here are the details about the V-School Certification
program for martial arts schools

Allen Oelschlaeger here with the Martial Arts Marketing Network. Thanks for being one of our clients.

As I said in my emails to you (you can review them here), V-School Certification offers the following benefits to current clients of the Martial Arts Marketing Network.

  • Credibility for you and your staff when interacting with school administrators and teachers about school safety
  • Promotion of your martial arts school via the V-School website and by V-School Consultants.
  • Opportunity to bring V-School Consultants to schools in your area and earn commissions on their fees

The program provides these benefits — both tangible (e.g., incremental cash) and intangible (e.g., your school’s positioning in your local area) — for very little investment in time and money.

This program has the potential of revolutionizing your school since it solves one of the main problems of having outside experts come to a K-12 school — they are one-hit wonders. They might do a great job when they’re there (although that’s rarely the case) but there’s no follow-on training to sustain what was taught.

With V-School, the K-12 school will be ensured of getting outstanding speakers and trainers but it will also have the opportunity to bring in you to provide ongoing programming.

To learn more about V-School, please download their brochure or visit the home page of their website.

Check out this paragraph from the V-School brochure:

 “Another opportunity is to partner with a V-School certified martial arts school. These schools have had extensive training in V-School’s anti-bullying, family safety and self-defense programs and, as a result, are able to provide ongoing programming to client schools.”

So, here is how this certification program works:

Via online programs (available now) and live training in Milwaukee (scheduled for November 7-10, 2013), Vistelar Group and Martial Arts Marketing Network will train you to be experts in school safety — THE hottest topic at schools right now and for the foreseeable future. Once you complete the live training in Milwaukee, you will be one of our V-School Certified martial arts schools. We will only allow one school to be certified in each local area. And, for right now, only clients of the Martial Arts Marketing Network will have the opportunity to become V-School certified.

The online program includes 11 modules, each of which includes: a 45 minute audio interview with a subject matter expert, a transcription of the interview and a workbook to make the lessons more interactive. You can learn all about this program by CLICKING HERE.

The program is called V-School Educator Series: Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom.

The live training will be held at Vistelar’s annual three and a half day national conference: Beyond Conflict 2013: Achieving Emotional and Physical Safety in a Volatile Society. During the first day of the conference, the attendees will be split into three groups with one of the sessions focused solely on the needs of youth leaders (school personnel, club, martial arts school instructors). To complete your V-School certification you would participate in this session on the first day and then attend the conference for the next two and a half days.

You can learn all about this conference by CLICKING HERE.

What does this cost?

The normal price of the 11-module online program is $199 and the regular price for the conference is $497 — for a total of $696. And that’s for general attendees who receive no certification.

However, due to the Martial Arts Marketing Network’s partnership with Vistelar Group, we have been able to negotiate a special price just for our clients who want to become V-School certified — just $497.

For this you get access to the complete 11-module program and you can attend all three and half days of the Beyond Conflict conference. Plus you’ll get:

  • Exclusivity in your local area. We only allow one martial arts school to be certified in each community.
  • A local V-School website for your martial arts school (e.g.,, which will position you as the school-safety expert in your community
  • A framable certificate that verifies your V-School certification
  • Your school listed on the V-School national website as a certified martial arts school
  • Access to an online training resource with comprehensive information on how to use your V-School certification to generate media attention, get into schools, enroll new students and enhance student retention
  • Access to a wide range of V-School marketing materials, such as posters, postcards, advertisements, media press releases and wristbands
  • Association with a public relations campaign to promote our network of V-School certified schools

You get all this for just $497. Then, the monthly fee for maintaining your certification is just $49 per month.

But, with all that, here is the best part of being a V-School certified school. 

As one of Vistelar’s partners, you’ll be able to bring our V-School speakers and trainers to your local schools and earn a commission on the fees charged. You have no obligation to do this but, if you do, here are the benefits:

  • Increased credibility for you and your staff with school administrators and teachers due to your ability to refer them to the professionals at V-School
  • If an engagement by a V-School consultant is booked, they will promote your school in all their interactions with school personnel, parents and kids
  • Opportunity to provide ongoing programming (e.g., after-school programs) to the school that follow the same principles as taught by the Vistelar consultant
  • Sales commissions on whatever fees are charged by the Vistelar consultant

How to get started

The simplest way to get started is to just click on the link below to access our secure online order form. Alternatively, if you have any questions just call us at 888-893-8952.

Once we get your order, you’ll get immediate access to the 11-module online program — V-School Educator Series: Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom.

Then, we’ll send you ongoing updates about the conference with the details you need.

Yes, I want to get certified

We hope to have your school as one of our V-School certified martial arts schools.

If you want to do this, I encourage you to do so soon. We have only a limited number of spots available for the first day session at the Beyond Conflict 2013 conference (which attending is a requirement to be certified).


P.S. If you aren’t yet sure if you want to become certified or not, you have another option to learn more without making the full financial commitment. Although the regular price of the 11-module online program is $199, we have convinced Vistelar to allow you to purchase it for just $99.00. If you go through this program, you’ll learn a lot that you can apply to your curriculum and your school discussions right away.

Once you see the V-School program, we’re confident you’ll sign up for the Beyond Conflict 2013 conference (at a cost of just $398) but, if you don’t, the V-School program is yours to keep.

Also, please be aware that the V-School program comes with our 100% guarantee. If you don’t think it provides you with exceptional value, just let us know within 90 days and we’ll happily return what you paid for the program.

To order just the V-School program, just click on the Enroll Now button below.

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