Addressing the Spectrum of Human Conflict in K-12 Schools

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De-escalating Conflict and Communicating Under Stress

A message from Gary T. Klugiewicz, Director, Verbal Defense & Influence and 2013 National Association of School Resource Officers conference presenter

Communicating under stress is a critically important skill for everyone, especially those who work in a school, and must communicate on many levels, with colleagues, students, administrators and parents.

V-School: Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom, is a program based upon Verbal Defense & Influence, which is practiced in agencies and departments around the country. The video below describes the program in a bit more detail:

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Starting August 12, 2013, we will be offering seven live webinar training sessions for those interested in acting as facilitators for their schools.

Learn to conduct positive and proactive discussions

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You can participate in the live lunchtime training discussions, held Mondays at noon CST (you will also have access to the recordings after each session).

These SEVEN half-hour sessions (with many of our subject-matter experts) will take you through the start of the 2013-14 school year with enhanced learning and tips from our nationally known trainers on how to effectively facilitate and lead group discussions on important safety topics.

The Monday webinar lineup for facilitators will strengthen your Verbal Defense & Influence skills and prepare you for your role of furthering the safety topics listed above — and more.

Webinar schedule

  • Monday, Aug. 12: Applying Verbal Defense & Influence concepts to schools — National trainer Peter Harrell Jr. presents an overview
  • Monday, Aug. 19: Tips for effective and innovative facilitation with Bill Singleton, a creator of Milwaukee Police Department’s STOP Program (Students Talking it Over with Police)
  • Monday, Aug. 26: Verbal Defense & Influence in the teaching environment with special needs classroom teacher and Verbal Defense & Influence instructor Kati Dill
  • Monday, Sept 2: Personal safety, protector safety with police trainer and personal safety authority Dave Young
  • Monday, Sept. 9: Establishing the start-of-school social contract with behavior management specialist Joel Lashley
  • Monday, Sept. 16: Feedback session and scenario training with Verbal Defense & Influence Director Gary T. Klugiewicz
  • Monday, Sept. 23: Leading safety initiatives and building staff buy-in with ret. Chief Harry Dolan, former Chief of Police in Raleigh, NC.

Register today

To launch this program, we are offering limited-time special pricing. It is just $99 to participate in the facilitator training AND provide your school staff with access to the 11 online learning modules ($149 value per teacher).

Taking advantage of this bundled package can save your school hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

And if you happen to miss any of the facilitator calls, don’t worry — you will be sent a link to the recording to watch at your convenience.

Learn more about V-School program for staff

The webinar series for facilitators is designed to enhance the V-School Educator Series Program: Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom, an 11-module online program designed for the adult faculty and staff in your school to watch and discuss.

The program includes interviews with subject-matter experts on a variety of topics such as:

  • Becoming a more effective communicator while under stress
  • Cultivating the physical and non-verbal qualities that display confidence
  • Recognizing and stopping the behaviors that lead up to bullying
  • Identifying the areas in and around the school that are potential danger zones
  • Preventing violence in the classroom
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your School Resource Officer

Through the seven facilitator webinars, you will learn how to effectively conduct self-reflection and group discussion focused around these important safety topics.

Already making a difference

Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom is changing the way teachers address conflict.

Danielle Shryock is a middle school teacher from Brookfield, Wisconsin who understands the challenge of managing a classroom.

“Once things start to fall apart, many students shut down. Some students get overbearing.” Reflecting upon her own experiences, she continued: “Sometimes I didn’t know what to say. I felt very ill-equipped.”

Then, with the help of this methodology, Danielle was able to develop a framework for effective communication that not only allowed her to be prepared for handling conflict, but also changed the way her classroom functions.

“Because I use the same phrases over and over as deflectors, and I use verbal resistance skills, my students end up parroting me, and I can hear my own words. They learn to manage each other.”

Through the use of the methods taught in Emotional and Personal Safety in the Classroom, Danielle has a system in place for dealing with the situations that used to derail her classes.

And because her students were exposed to a consistent approach in managing the problem, they picked up on it and, under her capable guidance, began resolving issues on their own.

Lead the change

You have the power to make a positive impact in your school by bringing about a change in the way conflicts are resolved and by being prepared to alleviate any situation. Register now to take charge of conflict in your school.

Everyone benefits
when members of a school community
know how to talk and act
effectively under pressure





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