Addressing the Spectrum of Human Conflict in K-12 Schools

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Communicating Under Pressure

communicating under pressure

The bars on the left and right of this graphic reference the starting point for all interactions in which there is a risk of conflict. It’s essential to be alert and quick to decide a course of action, if things go bad. And, with whatever happens, a thoughtful response is necessary – ideally one that is pre-planned and practiced – rather than an impulsive reaction.

The methods in the top half of the graph prevent conflict (non- escalatory) and those in the bottom hhalf address conflict once it occurs (de-escalatory).

  • Five Universal Truths and “Showtime” Mindset, represent a philosophy about interacting with others that is critical to minimizing the potential for conflict.
  • Universal Greeting is a multi-step sequence for preventing conflict during an initial contact.
  • Beyond Listening is an easy-to-remember process for gaining a deep understanding of another’s viewpoint or sharing your viewpoint in a non-escalatory way.
  • Redirections are simple tactics for closing down verbal abuse.
  • Persuasion Sequence is a five-step communication process for gaining compliance, cooperation and collaboration when conflict occurs.




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