Addressing the Spectrum of Human Conflict in K-12 Schools

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About V-School

V-School’s national team of consultants – with both education and public safety backgrounds – have been working in the area of human conflict for over three decades. Our methodologies have been taught to over 1 million people worldwide and have been widely published in books, documentaries, articles and online resources.

V-School uses Performance-Driven Instruction™, a unique approach to training that emphasizes student interaction, real-world simulations, skill practice, memorable stories and physical activity.

V-School is a community partner within the Medical College of Wisconsin Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, an $8.2 grant-funded program to decrease rates of violence in the Milwaukee, WI area and strengthen Milwaukee’s capacity to prevent future violence.iStock_000016475164Small

Benefits of V-School training:

  • Reduced interpersonal conflict
  • Increased emotional and personal safety
  • Better cooperation and collaboration
  • Better relations with parents
  • Increased student achievement




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