Since the second half of this year, 55 -year-old Barbie is back in a range of methods horizons style circles : initial born Lafayette limited edition Barbie , just after JEREMY SCOTT MOSCHINO2015 spring show will play into Barbie reality show , then there <a href=>peuterey outlet</a> D 0026 AMP ; G show floor holding a Barbie doll eye-catching debut within the full sense of your presence in the bag …… Barbie , within the style from the battlefield Xuanzhao not old girl with a heart . Barbie Barbie Galeries Lafayette : Just before astronomical doll craze cited two months, Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld ‘s classic Barbie dress will probably be produced the news was broke , when many people think Lafayette will be created Barbie’s boyfriend KEN …… outcome , his outfit ( black mitts, high-necked white shirt , black jacket and black super ) have all been utilised within a actual Barbie doll , for this reason , also consistent blonde Barbie into a silver-haired Lafayette . Barbie Lafayette towards the September 29 , Paris Style Week has just begun, this Barbie Lafayette ultimately debut. Platinum Barbie <a href=>Woolrich</a&gt; – Lagerfeld at designated shops THE BARBIE COLLECTION.COM, shopping web sites NET-A-PORTER.COM and Ba Li Ke Lai Te fashion shops worldwide simultaneous release . NET-A-PORTER claimed that they got the 999 , open only a few hours after sale , the value is 135 pounds (about 1341 yuan ) expensive Barbie is declared sold out. This suggests that Barbie Lagerfeld for this shopping web site inside hours produced about 135,000 pounds (about 1.341 million yuan ) in sales. Barbie on EBAY only fired to 550 <a href=>moncler jacken</a> pounds , the highest price and even go to 2150 pounds (about 21,500 yuan ) , Galeries Lafayette and great collision Barbie , resulting within a dramatic spark , I believe Barbie fans, fans outside in addition to Lafayette , has also been a public doll collectors who invest in.