Chinese customers inside the worldwide luxury goods industry occupies a vital position , they may be increasingly demanding items . In line with Nielsen (NIELSEN) most current survey results show that 56% of respondents indicated that they would continue to raise in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas to purchase luxury goods in the coming year , like the demands of urban consumers from the second and third tier of the most intense. Nelson "Continental luxury customer opinion survey " via the online world to access the 1,005 customers in the 4 parts on the continent , carried out a study of its purchase habits and consumption patterns <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> normally . The survey was performed in between 14 August 2014 to 22 dates , the continent most shoppers purchase luxury goods category , the principle buying areas and supply insight into customer habits . The survey also showed that 60 % of mainland vacationers in shopping ago browse social media platforms , or created ??reference to independent internet platform user referrals, as their principal supply of information and facts for the improvement of purchasing plans. "In the face on the continent actively browsing on the internet platform luxury shoppers , marketers may be carried out by way of the web platform publicity and launch targeted marketing and advertising campaigns , thereby growing exposure to possible consumers . On top of that , for any order Asian market as the purpose in the enterprise, additional in-depth understanding in the domestic passenger perception of luxury , shopping programs and also the most important source of facts apart from the digital channels, much more significant than in the past , "Ms. Nelson , Managing Director of Hong Kong and Macau Liang Liming mentioned. Preparatory shopping network channel could be the 1st contact survey discovered that 90% of domestic vacationers to develop an effective program to get luxury goods ahead of the departure , practically forty % in the respondents ( 38% ) know what merchandise they need to invest in , and that social media ( 60% ) along with the brand’s official internet site ( 50% ) is their principal source of details. On the other hand , the report also showed that the mainland respondents associated with luxury goods possess a larger awareness of e-commerce , 77% of respondents realize the sales of luxury goods big sites, 45% of respondents had bought over the internet luxury brand merchandise, whilst 48% of respondents mentioned they are thinking of the future on the Online to get luxury goods . The survey also talked about the reasons buyers shop on the web , 75 percent of respondents said "convenience and saving time " may be the major aspect. 59% mentioned they appreciate mainland tourists browse by way of the web completely different product lines comfort. Performed in a planned over the internet purchasing or via the internet shopping amongst the respondents , 90% said they would obtain luxury goods web based within the subsequent 12 months. Five from the most favorite luxury category Nielsen analysis data , whether or not now or inside the next 12 months, the bags / footwear / accessories ( 71% ) would be the highest price of Chinese customers to buy luxury goods category . Meanwhile, the luxury fashion brand buy intention slightly improve (62% VS. 64% in the past 12 months ) are going to be inside the next 12 months. And high-end cosmetics / skin care products (70% VS. 64% previously 12 months ) , Jewelry / Watches (63% VS. 58% in the past 12 months ) and alcohol (52% VS. Past 12 months 36 % ) from the obtain intention may have varying degrees of decline , in which willingness to buy fine wine would have fallen sharply, from 52 percent final fall to 36 % of future expectations . Way more Chinese luxury consumers aimed at European survey shows that in 2013 , 56 percent from the Chinese mainland buyers to Hong Kong as a tourist destination , Hong Kong has turn out to be the preferred destination for the purchase of luxury goods , like bags / shoes / accessories and high-end cosmetics / these skin care items will be the first selection of consumers shopping category . Meanwhile, Chinese shoppers are no longer happy in their very own house shopping , a growing number of Chinese luxury customers program to flock to Europe to open their " luxury tour ." For clothing, accessories and cosmetics category , France is anticipated to surpass South Korea as the second largest purchasing location for Chinese luxury buyers , straight away right after Hong Kong . For fine wine , France and Italy will exceed the Hong Kong and Singapore , respectively, to grow to be the initial , the second largest buying location. For high-end table class and jewelry , Hong Kong will continue to maintain its leading position, when Switzerland is expected to surpass France to become the second largest right after Hong Kong purchasing location. As for the objective of travel , buying ( 97% ) may be the key activity mainland travelers. Sightseeing / Attractions visits ( 84% ) , and targeted at theme parks , theater and musical entertainment ( 72% ) also attract them to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas tourism an essential factor. "High quality " will be the main intention of mainland vacationers to get luxury goods talked about luxuries , more than half of respondents ( 56% ) very first thought is "high quality" , 46% is in like with its " exceptional taste and exquisite style . " There can be 5 copies on the two mainland tourists with distinct emphasis on well-known brands of " a sense of historical heritage ." As for the purchase of luxury in thoughts , 45 % of mainland vacationers surveyed believed their representatives "high top quality ." Additionally, 46 % of respondents stated the acquire of luxury goods can bring higher taste and distinctive feel , some 42 percent stated so as to give yourself a reward or reward . Channels around the acquire of luxury goods , the 26% of respondents mentioned they would opt for the brand shop , followed by the city’s Galleria ( 24% ) airport duty-free shops ( 19% ) .