> Lead: sensible instances, regardless of everyday life or production will need to retain pace with technology, or else it means backward. Especially within the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing sector took clothing, if nonetheless adhere towards the conventional manufacturing, it’ll must carry out far behind the wisdom produced organization, defeat in the competitors. Presently, a sizable number of <a href=http://www.creation-video-marketing.com/>fake oakley sunglasses</a> standard enterprises in Dongguan, Guangdong change has not been completed, in the industrial era curing down production methods, gear, technology, processes, systems, tips are challenged. Is now regarded as to subvert the regular manufacturing 3D printing technology, the manufacturing sector is gradually penetrate into Dongguan. Labor shortage, higher labor fees, cheap labor conventional mode of production, is steadily becoming replaced by robots. Undoubtedly, Dongguan regular manufacturing is undergoing a brand new revolution. As a product of a high degree of integration of details technologies and industrialization, the term "smart manufacturing" in Dongguan, Guangdong garment industry is becoming a high-frequency words. "Smart Manufacturing" into the era of clever clothes Dongguan, regardless of whether in everyday life or production should preserve pace with technologies, otherwise it signifies backward. Especially inside the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing sector took clothing, if nonetheless adhere towards the regular "manufacturing", it can must carry out far behind the "made" of your enterprise, defeat in the competition. As all of us know, is known as a textile <a href=http://www.creation-video-marketing.com/category/replica-oakley-sunglasses/>replica oakleys</a> and garment clusters in Dongguan, existing, Dongguan <a href=http://www.creation-video-marketing.com/replica-oakleys/>fake oakleys</a> Humen clothes has, Dalang Woolen, Houjie shoe three provincial upgrading industrial clusters demonstration zones and China brand clothing manufacturing town (Dasan) and <a href=http://www.creation-video-marketing.com/category/replica-oakleys/>replica oakley sunglasses</a> a number of textile and garment industry base . All sorts of textile garments brand name regular 54. Dongguan garment manufacturing business is purely from the past, and gradually shift to a high-end R & D, advanced manufacturing and brand marketing in one direction. Industrial robots, data software systems, networking technology and other advanced technology, is the "Dongguan" taken from a labor-intensive era of "smart manufacturing" era, production management and the competitive landscape changed dramatically therefore. Industrial Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Luisa official said, after handloom upgrade CNC looms, one person can take care of 6-8 machines, in addition to a machine equivalent for the previous 40-60 people productivity, greatly reduces the employee needs, appropriate plant area and staff quarters land area has reduced, reducing charges. No matter whether the introduction of robotic production lines, <a href=http://www.abccert.org/oakley.html>fake oakley sunglasses</a> manufacturing enterprises are changing the competitive landscape and even determine their survival. Source: China Textile News Editor: Off Month