Addressing the Spectrum of Human Conflict in K-12 Schools

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Keeping Our Kids Safe

Conflict is inevitable within a school community. It occurs between and among students, teachers, parents and school staff and can result in disrespect, bullying, harassment, emotional/physical violence and an overall decline in school safety. It also reduces student achievement and teacher effectiveness. In rare situations, violent conflict by intruders can put lives in danger.

There are four universal triggers to interpersonal conflict:

  • Personal Stress (such as relationship difficulties, achievement struggles, peer pressure, physical threats, personal troubles at home), which heightens the risk of conflict.
  • Indignity (treating others badly with insults, put-downs and humiliation), which can provoke retaliation and revenge.
  • Bystander Inaction (by peers or persons of authority), which leaves victims of violence to fend for themselves.
  • Victim Mindset (perceived as less-than by others), which can result in vulnerability to becoming the target of violence by aggressors.

When these triggers are present the results are often disastrous. Decent and well-trained members of a school community – both students and staff – can end up saying and doing things that destroy self esteem, opportunities to learn, reputations, relationships and even lives.

V-School is a global speaking and training organization focused on addressing the spectrum of human conflict within K-12 schools. V-School’s mission is to increase student achievement, improve teacher effectiveness and enhance the emotional and physical safety of the entire school community.

V-School’s speaking engagements and training programs are focused on:

  • Preventing conflict
  • De-escalating conflict when it occurs
  • Responding effectively if violence erupts

V-School’s programs improve cooperation and collaboration and increase overall school safety.




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